Reciprocal Moorage Guide

Portofino Harbour Yacht Club is a registered member of the Yachting Club of America; we have reciprocity arrangements with many prestigious yacht clubs throughout the country. Each member will receive a PHYC membership card and an YCA reciprocity card for your use at those clubs. In addition some clubs require a letter of introduction which, upon request, will be prepared.

Yachting Club of America

Click here for the Yachting Club of America list of clubs that have Reciprocity with PHYC.

Please note that some clubs do not guarantee reciprocal privileges. It is up to each yacht club member to contact the clubs they would like to visit and arrange reservations and confirm the reciprocal agreement.

Marina Boats

What to Know

Please remember the following standard courtesies.

  1. Fly your PHYC burgee when using reciprocal facilities.
  2. Carry your current PHYC membership card and be prepared to cheerfully present it if requested.
  3. Follow all the rules of the host yacht club.
  4. Conform to the host club’s restrictions regarding auxiliary power (generator) use.
  5. Show other yacht clubs that PHYC members have fun and conduct themselves so as to be welcomed to return.
  6. Remember the golden rule.

If you visit a facility that we do not share reciprocity, please feel free to approach them about the possibility of establishing a relationship with PHYC. Advise the Commodore with contact information and we will seek to formally establish a relationship.

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