What is a dockominium?

A dockominium is similar to ownership of a condominium or town home - you own your slip and a portion of all the common areas (like the docks, pool, clubhouse and other amenities). You can purchase a slip for your own vessel or buy multiple slips as an investment.

Management of Portofino is by an elected Board of Directors and a staff that handles day-to-day operations and maintenance.

Marina Slip

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Slips are available in four sizes from 40 to 55 feet and prices are determined by the market and location within the marina.

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Slips for Sale - Latest Update
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Marina Grounds
Marina Slip for Rent

Advantages of Ownership

1 Save on monthly rent - your slip is an investment in your lifestyle. Why hand your hard earned money to a marina when you can own part of one of the nicest facilities on the Texas Coast?
2 Have the slip of your choice, have a great view, be near the pool or close to the fairway - it’s your choice.
3 Your real estate investment has a history of appreciation, they are not making anymore waterfront property! Changing environmental regulations make new marina projects more and more difficult to develop.
4 You have “fee simple” title to your slip and ownership of the common areas. Simplified title procedures make closing quick and easy. Title insurance provides additional security for your investment.
5 Financing is readily available from several local lenders.
6 Property taxes, interest and other expenses may be tax deductible. Check with your tax professional.
7 Avoid the hassles of leasing and rent increases in a conventional marina.
8 If you are purchasing as an investment, low cost management is available. You receive a check each month that your slip(s) are leased. Portofino enjoys one of the highest occupancy rates in the area.
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